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Sway House

TikTok: @theswayla (5,4M)

Insta: @swayla (1,9M)

Over the past year the number of tiktok houses has been growing by leaps and bounds. More and more houses are popping up every day, eager to take their place in the sun. In this article we will tell you about the one of first houses that appeared in TikTok – Sway House.


What we know about Sway House

The first TikTok house was Hype House, created in December 2019 by young blogger Thomas Petru, based in the likeness of Youtube’s houses. Hype House knew no competitors and quickly achieved success.

Sway House that burst into the Internet space is ready to move Hype House from its pedestal. TalentX, a company engaged in promoting newcomers to the blogging sphere, gave the project such a “telling” name for a reason. Sway house can be translated as “influential house. But the members have dubbed themselves “One Direction TikTok” apparently in the hope to outdo the success of the once-popular boyband.

Sway House, led by Bryce Hall, has brought together several young bloggers who have gained an audience of more than a million on their personal accounts. Together they create a content and realize the craziest ideas and challenges. Let’s get to know them!


Sway House members


  • Bryce Hall

The unofficial leader of Sway House is Bryce Hall, 21, who was born in Ellicott City on August 14, 1999. After a series of scandals between Swag House and Hype House, Bryce has made it clear that his team had no beef with other bloggers. “Everybody does something like Hype House, but not Sway House,” Bryce explained. “There are about 16 people in their house. There’s just no room for us there.”

TikTok: @brycehall (13.6 million)

Insta: @brycehall (6.8 million)


  • Griffin Johnson

Griffin was born on January 13, 1999 in Paris, France. When he was a child Johnson family moved to the United States. He’s fond of sports. Griffin spends a lot of time with family. Most of all they like fishing. Griffin also runs Vivid Management, a company that sells sweatshirts, slipcovers, T-shirts and more.

TikTok: @iamgriffinjohnson (9.2 million)

Insta: @iamgriffinjohnson (3.6 million)


  • Kio Cyr

Kyo was born in Canada on September 5, 2000. His mother is Thai and his father is French Canadian.
Kio gained fame on TikTok for his first video where he was dancing on the roof of his house at a high school graduation celebration. Then his account has amassed more than 8 million followers. Now each video regularly gets more than a million views.

In January of this year rumors surfaced that Kio go together with model Olivia Ponton. In April, 2020 Kio Cyr and Ponton made their relationship public. But a few months later the pair has shockingly parted ways.

TikTok: @kiocyrrr(8.1M)

Insta: @kiocyr(2.5M)


  • Anthony Reeves

Anthony Reeves’ life was not so different from an average American teenager. Things have changed when Anthony’s videos went viral on TikTok. He has made videos with many popular American tiktokers, such as Chase Kate, Payton Moormeyer, Luigi Castillo and others. The blogger dates a TikTok star Avani Greg. The pair began their relationship at the end of 2019.

TikTok: @luvanthony (9.9M)

Insta: @luvanthony (4.9M)


Sway House have a six contestants. But two of them left the project last year. Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler decided to dedicate themselves to music.


  • Josh Richards

TikTok: @joshrichards (7.1 million)

Insta: @joshrichards (21.5 million)

This 19-year-old is not only the star of TikTok, but also an actor and musician! Josh was born on 31, January  2002. Even if you didn’t know anything about Josh Richards before, you’ve probably heard his diss on Chase Hudson, the tiktoker @lilhuddy who was Josh’s best friend in past. The conflict between the guys went on for months and almost ended in betrayal and deceit. Wanting to teach a lesson to Chase, Josh launched a line of merch with an offensive slogan at the same time as the music video.

Hot diss on TikToker Chase Hudson


  • Jaden Hossler

Tik Tok: @jadenhossler (8.1M)

Insta: @jadenhossler (4.3M)

Date of birth: February 8, 2001. Jaydan has many hobbies and interests, including music and drawing. He is popular on social media for his dance and music videos.

In 2020 the blogger dated Mads Lewes, a sixteen-year-old actress and Instagram star. The couple broke up.


Home of Sway House

In January 2020, these guys moved into a house located in a prestigious and fashionable area of Los Angeles. This is a place where Hollywood stars have lived and still live: Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé, Alfred Hitchcock, Jay-Z, Ilon Musk, Will Smith.

There is no information about the cost of the house. But according to some sources, we could be talking about ten million dollars!

Sway House members made a video about the house they live in. You can watch it below:


Sway House Scandals

There are rumors that Sway House neighbors have declared war on bloggers for their endless noise and parties. Residents can’t stop lamenting a fact that their quiet, cozy neighborhood has turned into an overextended “Coachella”.

Neighbors complained about mountains of boxes and crowds of groupies in front of the house, rumbling music, screaming, slamming paintball guns, and other trappings of 24-hour party life.

It all came to an end on May 25 when news of Jaden Hossler and Bryce Hall’s arrest with banned substances went viral online. However, this provoked not only the anger of the neighbors, but also another wave of hype. On the same day, the guys became the top searchers on Google.


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