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Payton Moormeier is the best known for his videos and songs on the TikTok. His account is about 13 millions of subscribers.


Payton was born on July 28, 2003. His parents Chris Addario and Joanne Moormier were divorced when boy was a child. Now Payton lives in St. Mary’s, North Carolina, with his mom Joanne, sister Faith and stepfather.

Payton’s mom runs gym. As a child, Payton also did gymnastics. The guy is still in great physical shape. He continues to go to the gym and the pool in his spare time.



There’s nothing unusual about the Moormier. Payton went to an ordinary school and never thought about popularity and fame. Until for some unknown reason the video published by the teenager on TikTok got the public attention.

In a short period of time almost 3 million people became Peyton Murmier’s subscribers. The number of followers on Instagram has grown to 2 millions. His videos continued to gain popularity. In 2019 Peyton’s video gained more than a million likes for the first time.



It is known Peyton managed to earn about 10 million for all the time. His main source of income is advertising in social networks. In addition Payton created his own merch, which brings additional income. He sells T-shirts, hoodies, caps and other items with the PYTN logo.

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Payton keeps his private life private. It is not known whether he has a girlfriend. However his followers are sure that at the moment Payton is not dating anyone.

One of Payton’s most popular videos on the YouTube channel was called “WHAT I LOOK FOR IN GIRLS”. This video has gained more than 1.5 million views. Check it out right now!

According to Payton his girlfriend should be

  • confident;
  • no taller than 178 cm;
  • looking stylish;
  • putting on a minimum of makeup;
  • be able to trust people and keep secrets;
  • do not flaunt their life to the public.

The TikTok star tries to hide his personal life from prying eyes. However an army of restless fans have studied Peyton’s Twitter page and concluded that Payton broke up with the girl in 2019. Later Murmier said that he terribly missed her but glad that she was doing well.


Payton Murmier now

In 2020 the blogger decided to try his hand at music. Payton has been singing, playing drums and guitar since the age of 9. The debut single “Love Letter” has gained over 3M views on YouTube in just 4 months.

Last summer Peyton pleased fans with the hit “Habits”. Another track “Hard To Breathe” was released last autumn. It gained almost 1.5 M views in one month.

Payton Murmier is not going to stop there. He is determined to become not just a YouTube and TikTok influencer, but a true music star. He wants people to say after his death that he passed away as a rock star.

Followers noticed that Payton’s content had changed. He removed all videos from the YouTube channel except for music videos. The blogger says that he is growing up and rethinking his views and tastes.

“I’m growing up so my style and creativity are changing”




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