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No views on TikTok: why your TikTok is not getting views

Regardless of the number of likes and followers, almost every blogger definitely faces a lack of views on his videos. In this article, we are going to consider the main reasons why there are no views on your TikTok and how to fix this problem.

If you’re a newb on TikTok

The time has come! Have you ever been in situation where you posted a new video on TikTok and couple of hours down the line found it hasn’t been seen by anybody! Just 0 views! What happened? Read this article!

Don’t panic! Almost everyone faced this problem.

If you’re a TikTok-newbie, it’s quite a normal situation. To get things straight, you need to know how TikTok algorithms work.

This is how the TikTok algorithms work

The main advantage of the app is that you start gaining views after you upload your first clip, even if you don’t have any subscribers. The “magic” is made by the intelligence system of the service.

It’s hard to say how exactly it works. The app doesn’t make public the information about the recommendations algorithm. However, we may try to imagine approximately how it works.

Don’t worry if there are no views on your video right after publication. The system needs a few hours to check whether your content violates rules or not. It’s hard to believe, but artificial intelligence understands and analyzes speech and picture. Have you ever thought about why you see an exact video? Tik Tok made it for you and promoted the content that you are likely to find interesting.

After checking your video, TikTok shows it to the first 100 users. They decide how many people will see it. If your clip gets likes and comments, the algorithm will show it to 100 more users, then to 200 more, etc.

Why promoted accounts have 0 views

If you have TikTok account for a long time, it is most likely that your videos don’t gain views for some other reason. Let’s find out why the number of views might have dropped.

The content updates too fast

There is already a huge competition on TikTok. There is so much content created and posted in the app that clips don’t even have time to gain views – they go down and give the way to the new ones. There are also few people who scroll the page to the end.

You make videos very rarely

Nowadays there is a large competition in TikTok. The system focuses on those who regularly remind their followers about themselves. There’s only one conclusion we can draw. You should post content every single day – with no holidays or off-days.

Low-quality content

Some tiktokers face the problem when the clip is gaining popularity and views, and suddenly stunts. In this situation, you should contact the user support service in order to find the reason. Perhaps, some users might have found the content inappropriate and reported the clip.

If it’s not a system error, the content was probably not appreciated by the audience. You should think – does it meet users’ tastes? A low-quality clip with an outdated topic and a stolen plot will not become popular or conquer the FYP.


The user’s inattention is a common reason why the clip gains no views. If you have 0 views on TikTok, check the privacy settings: go to “Settings” – “Privacy”. If the “Private Account” option is enabled, move the slider in the opposite direction.

In the upper-right corner click an icon to get the settings of your TikTok account. Then find “Privacy”.

In the menu that appears select “Privacy”. Then turn off “Private account”.

How to turn off private account on TikTok

How to get more views on TikTok

Make a content plan

The planning helps to be more organized and disciplined. And the most importantly it also helps to develop your TikTok career. Write down the time and topic of your videos, make notes there, capture new ideas.

Follow the trends

When you open the TikTok app you land on FYP. Analyze content that you’re presented with to find the common tendency. Try to follow the trends in order to catch a wave.

Use the right hashtags

The right choice of hashtags is needed to reach a more audience.

Your hashtag should be one of the first in popularity rankings. When you add the hashtag for your video, pay attention to the number of views on the right side.

If you’ve read this article carefully, you must have caught yourself thinking that you can get a large audience in a quick and easy manner just following the rules. Actually account promotion requires hard work. Cheer up! Improve your content, hone your skills and the result will be not long in coming!

Hope you won’t need to read this article about the lack of views again!

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