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How to make money on TikTok

There are many ways to benefit your account, but you should keep in mind that TikTok is a very young social network and not everyone sees it as an advertising platform, so that’s why prices on TikTok may be lower than in Instagram. Despite this there are some profits: it is easier to get promoted here unlike other social networks.

Of course, before you will start to get million-dollar payments, you should eagerly strive and work hard, but you can start to earn money from the beginning of your fame, we will tell you about some methods.

How does TikTok make money?

Let’s point out TikTok doesn’t pay money itself regardless of the number of your followers, likes and comments on your page are more appreciated.

How do tiktokers make money?

The only way to make money on TikTok is advertising, but not a single big advertiser will work with a blogger without followers.

Before thinking about money you should develop your account: choose the right topic of videos, work with the video quality and editing, enlarge your audience. We have written about how to make a video popular in our other article, check this out.

How can you make money on tiktok?

The amount of earned money directly depends on the number of followers.

If you have more than 1 000 followers

When you gain your first 1 000 followers, you will be able to make live broadcasts.

Making money on streaming

Everybody can see your stream: not only your followers but also random users who clicked on the link from the recommendations. People that are watching the broadcast can do a donation to the streamer by buying stickers for him.

The major part of stickers’ cost (around 80%) will be credited to blogger after the end of the stream. Usually, the conversion rate of stickers into money equal 0,5 cent. You can withdraw money through PayPal, but only when you get about 100$. It is not great money, but it will be your first salary on TikTok. As they said, the further – the more!

Collaborations with other users

When your audience expands to a several-thousand. Do the next – mutually promote other bloggers for little money. Collaborative videos and mentioning each other will help you significantly increase your audience.

Advertising of musicians

TikTok has overtaken the app in popularity that firstly was supposed as a platform for young musicians’ promotion. TikTok took from this app an option to add music in a clip without which no video on the network is possible.

TikTok is still the best place for new singles promotion. Artists are ready to pay for usage of their tracks in your videos, because the more often their song sounds, the more users want to find it and listen, so increases the musicians’ fame

You can set the prices yourself depending on the number of your followers.

If you have more than 20 000 followers

Advertising of the famous brands and their services

When you get more than 20 000 followers, you can start to work with big brands. The initial price for single post starts from 20$.

When a logo or brand name is “accidentally” added to a video, it is called “product-placement”. Probably it is the best way to earn money for blogger and company. As a rule, a small hint about the usage of the product can greatly increase the demand for it. At the very beginning you should find the advertisers yourself.  Find the accounts of delivery companies, brand boutiques, design studios and offer them your services.

Also you can use marketplaces, where different bloggers post their ads.

Do not overuse the ads! It can injure your reputation. Don’t forget about main aim of your TikTok account – to entertain viewers. If you turn your account into an advertising platform there is a risk of losing a lot of followers.

If you have more than 50 000 followers

Brand ambassador

If you have great audience and can easily influence on it, you can become a brand ambassador.

This way to earn money came to TikTok from Instagram. You have probably noticed, when in bloggers’ posts regularly feature one same brand, which he actively praises, but does not openly call for buying. That’s how companies carefully form loyalty among users to their product and increase sales and you don’t even guess about it.

It is profitable to be an ambassador because you are working for fix-price, which depends on bloggers’ popularity. Sometimes brands pay for every single video or view which is a nice bonus for a tiktoker.

What also you can do to make money on TikTok

If you have already built your blogging career, gotten experience and understand what mistakes can newbies do – you have become pro!

Now you can use another variants for earning money on TikTok:



Making popular accounts for selling them

The main type of earnings as in any other social network are advertising integrations. A lot of people have a skeptical attitude to a TikTok, therefore, the competition is minimal. So, don’t waste time and start making content now!

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