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How to get famous on TikTok

We created a guide about how to collect million likes and views on your channel specially for you, who is dreaming of being a popular tiktoker. It is prompt and efficient, without registration and SMS.

Who can become popular?

It is not an exaggeration to say that any person can be popular in TikTok. Here we have a huge selection of genres: from TikTok series to educational projects, that is why any content will find its fans, while specialized algorithms of TikTok will bring the most worthy to the TikTok Top. If you are able to produce high-quality content, fame is practically in your hands – all you have to do is to read our article up to the end and put our recommendations into practice. Remember that anyone can become popular here!

Everyone can get famous in TikTok!

What should I do?

Step I

First of all, make your mind about the type of the content, so that the audience can understand the main theme of your channel. Generally, it can be divided into three categories:

Popular TikTok content which everyone has in his feed: when boys see cool girls dancing and singing, while girls see boys with a “Crush” label on their foreheads.

Short scenes with a “zoomer” type of humor are no less popular. No wonder, as teens are the most part of the TikTok audience. Such content is popular at all times.

No matter how strange it can be for you, a huge sector of content comes from the alternative TikTok – a local underground – residents of which are mostly focused on dark humor, post-irony and ROFL.

Think about it – maybe this type of content will fit you better than the glamorous spotless TikTok side (which is called “Straight”).

Step II

Go over the visual part of your profile thoroughly. Choose a proper avatar and a nickname which is easy to read and remember. Don’t forget to specify your personal details. In addition, there you can leave links to other social network pages: Instagram and YouTube.

a good example of tiktok account

Step III

Building an audience is the most time-consuming and laborious step. This can be achieved in a few ways.

Invite your friends, acquaintances, classmates to subscribe to your profile. Novices can follow an old and time-honoured way – mutual liking and following.

Subscribe to 1000 persons for instance. Half of them are likely to visit your page, while the fourth can become your followers.

In TikTok there is a possibility to make a duet. Charli D’Amelio became popular exactly this way.

Upload videos, record reactions to trending videos of famous TikTokers. And don’t forget to use hashtags.

Do not neglect hashtags. They are a really useful ground gaining tool for a novice. 4–5 tags regarding the topic of the video are sufficient.

Feel free to involve yourself into activities on other pages: like other users, leave comments on already hyping TikTokers.

Draw attention to your profile by using provocative phrases so as to arouse curiosity and make people visit your page.

Your content should appeal to a visiting user. That is why you shouldn’t upload low-quality third-rate videos, which make no sense.

Always hone your video editing skills: create a bright and beautiful picture (as people love with their eyes) with a properly constructed composition. Remove everything unnecessary from the frame. Apply TikTok built-in filters and effects, add popular audio tracks.

A good video rarely reaches the top spontaneously. As a rule, tens of outtakes, hard work and well-planned labour lie behind a nice video.

Take your time and don’t be upset as every skill can be mastered! There are thousands of video tutorials on the Web, as well as bad and good examples of video clips. Watch, repeat, learn and soon you will improve! You won’t even notice the moment you start feeling confident on camera, learn how to enter the movie, improve your plastics and mimics.

What’s next?

Promotion of a profile is a laborious and time-consuming process. This issue can be sped up if you got into recommendations. However, there is no certain instruction on how to do this. TikTok hides its algorithms carefully when choosing recommended videos.

The system created by developers takes into account proper lighting, brightness and quality of the picture, assessing uniqueness of content. However, as in any system, malfunctions can occur, which results in poor-quality video being recommended. But its future is predetermined: without a positive audience reaction the video won’t be promoted.

You followed all the instructions but your video wasn’t recommended? Read our article how to promote a TikTok video into recommendations.

What if there is no progression?

Unfortunately, there is no secret about how to become popular in TikTok. It mostly depends on an author and his content. Reaching success with a wave of a magic wand or using money with no efforts is impossible. All you have to do is try, make mistakes, create and believe, as TikTok is a place, where anyone can be popular and you are no exception!

Don’t stop no matter what! And soon an article about your success can appear on our website. In the meantime, read stories of famous TikTokers.

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