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How to get a verified badge on TikTok

Getting your Tik Tok account confirmed is not actually too hard as you think. This article will tell you what you need to do to verify your TikTok.

Why you need to have a verified account on Tik Tok?


 A blue checkmark on any social network is a quality mark. Users who have passed verification   are more trusted by both users and advertisers.


A check mark is not only an indicator of quality, which is approved by the majority, but also a direct proof of the account owner‘s popularity. All of that influence the attitude of advertisers, and therefore the level of your income from ads. Of course, first of all, people pay attention to the number of subscribers and their activity, but the blue icon is an additional plus in your favor.


The verification mark confirms that the page on the social network really belongs to a famous person or company. This protects you as a blogger from plagiarism, and subscribers from cheaters.

How to get a blue checkmark in Tik Tok

In 2019 there were three types of verification marks in Tik Tok:

Gaining popularity (from 20 000 – 50 000 subscribers)

Popular author (from 200 000 subscribers)

Verified account (from 1 million subscribers)

However, in 2020 the account verification rules have changed. Tik Tok left only one tick – Verified account, which can now be obtained from 20 000 subscribers. Let’s find out how to get it.

A guide to getting verified on TikTok

To verify your TikTok account, you need to send an email to

Your letter should be included some details:

a link to your profile on TikTok + links to other social networks to confirm your popularity outside the site;

the number of followers and likes;

a reason why you need a blue checkmark.

a sample of letter

Done! In most cases the support team will respond in the next few days.

It is possible that the support service will refuse you. Don’t be upset! Keep working on content, increase the number of subscribers and their activity. Then try to get the checkmark again. After all, you are not limited in the number of attempts.

Verified account on TikTok

The trick to get verified and confirmed

To increase your chances of getting the cherished mark we advise you to draw the attention on working of Tik Tok algorithms. They are responsible for getting the videos into the recommendation feed.

Post new videos regularly

Like any social network, TikTok is especially fond of users who often add content to their account.

Be active not only on your page

Do not hesitate to be active on TikTok. Go ahead! Like other users videos, leave comments on the pages of popular TikTokers. Draw attention to yourself with provocative phrases to make curious people look at your page.

Be creative

Of course the creativity is subjective. However TikTok’s algorithms are actively promoting users who arrange challenges, post videos that are gaining great response from the audience. Therefore always try to stand out from the crowd!

We wish you good luck!

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