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Getting on the foryou page on the TikTok | quick way to go viral and get famous

2020 is the most eventful year of our century. It had a lot of negativities, but we will not focus on them. It will be better to talk about some goods – especially the TikTok invention. In 2020 this Chinese app has beat all possible records connected with downloading and nowadays it is continuing to evolve rapidly.

Over 800 million people are watching TikTok every day, that’s why you should use this app to enlarge your current audience or get completely new.

One of the main advantages of this app, that it is not difficult to do it, because TikTok is an endless stream of absolutely new content, challenges, and trends. All you need is to get into recommendations and in this article, we are going to tell you about possible ways to get there.

How the video gets into recommendations?

There are many ways how to gain views on TikTok. The main advantage of the app is that you start gaining views after you upload your first video, even if you don’t have any subscribers. The “magic” is made by the intelligence system of the service (basically a robot).

It’s hard to say how exactly it works. The app doesn’t make public the information about the recommendations algorithm. However, we may try to imagine approximately how it works.

Don’t worry if there are no views on your video right after publication. The system needs a few hours to check whether your content violates rules or not. It’s hard to believe, but artificial intelligence understands and analyzes speech and picture. Have you ever thought about why you see an exact video? Tik Tok made it for you and promoted the content that you are likely to find interesting.

There will be few first impressions for your video. But don’t worry! That’s right, everything is planned! The algorithm checks how actively users are responding to content. First, your video will be seen by 100 users. They are the ones who, without realizing it, decide how many people will see your video. If the video is liked and commented on, the system will show it to the next 200 people. And gradually the views will double.

The more user reactions, the more interesting your TikTok account is. The reaction in this case will be like, comment, subscription, sharing and even the time of views. The algorithm also takes into account the number of revisions of the same video by users. If a person watches it over and over again, the system understands that the video is catchy and opens the way to recommendations.

Tips how to increase your profile traffic


Use hashtags

They will help the algorithm to understand what your video is about and what category it belongs to. You should pay attention to the relevance of the hashtag. The numbers to the right of the hashtag indicate how often it is used. We suggest that you add 4-5 hashtags to the video: 2 must be trendy and others related to the content of the video.


Don’t forget about video’s quality

Let’s just say «no» to low-quality clips! There is no chance for a badly shot video to become recommended. Pay due attention to the video editing, you can use all the extensive functional that TikTok offers: filters, stickers, effects, templates, and so on. Good visuals and vivid character are as important as the plot. Take a responsible approach to filming, not relying on luck and improvisation.

A good video is not fortuity; it is the result of your labor.


Make people to watch your clip till the end

Your main goal is to get as many views and feedback as possible. However, it is equally important to make people watch the full video. Because when the video is quickly scrolled through, it lets the artificial intelligence know that it is uninteresting and boring.

Some bloggers use different tricks, for example: they purposefully create intrigue. They separate one video into multiple parts and end it with a phrase like «will be continued in the next video» or «I will tell more in 24 hours». If the first part caught the viewer, he will definitely visit your profile to find out the continuation.

There is another option: you can make «ragged» clips. It means that you need to break off the video just before the culmination. This way you can increase the number of views to the end, but you shouldn’t overuse it, because your followers may consider it deception and start to unsubscribe massively.


Post your videos frequently

You should constantly remind your subscribers about yourself, especially if you have recently gained your first audience. Make new content every single day!


Make short clips

TikTok allows you to make videos up to 1 minute, but it is better to give preference to 15-second clips. The majority of users are teenagers and young people under 25 years. You can hold their attention only for a few seconds. Shorts clips will help you to enlarge the number of views with a higher probability.


Don’t forget to add music

Music is the main advantage of TikTok. All memes look funny and dances become viral with music. This explains the desire of many tiktokers to create their own tracks.


so excited to kick-off the patichallenge! @jlo @papijuancho #patilonely

♬ Pa Ti – Jennifer Lopez & Maluma


Be active!

Only active content makers can become famous, because they don’t allow viewers to forget about them, by everyday posting. It will be more profitable, if you share your clips on other different social networks, in order to expand your audience reach.

You should also keep in touch with your followers: press likes, chat in comments, show your interest to the audience and create as much traffic as possible. TikTok has a cool function – «share video». Post your clips not only on TikTok but also on Instagram. Do everything that can help you get more views.


Check the trends

You should analyze the content of the most popular TikTokers. Most of them simply follow trends, without even creating them. Try to find out what you can add to their videos or how you can change them. Maybe you can add some features which will allow you to stand out from the rest of the bloggers.


Be creative and free. In a word just be yourself!

TikTok is the best platform for demonstrating yourself as a creative person. You can run your profile about anything you want – about cross-stitch or cooking, you can show to the world your dances or cosplays and so on. You’re welcome if you have some fresh ideas. Anyone among 8 billion inhabitants of the Earth can stand out on TikTok. Don’t be shy and don’t afraid of failure. If you work hard you will become successful very soon.

How to find out if a video has been recommended?

Obviously: you will notice an increase in views.

Not obviously: you need to have a pro-account on TikTok.

You need to open settings → tap “Manage my account” →press the «Switch to a pro-account» button.

How to turn on pro-account on TikTok

After this trivial action TikTok will analyze your content and make some statistics that you can check in the section «Analytics». Now you can see the number of views, your most popular posts, from where your followers have come, and their gender and location.

Today it is the clear fact that TikTok is becoming one of the most perspective social networks. Its’ algorithms set up in such a way that almost everyone can realize themselves. So, don’t put it off for later and start to push your TikTok now!

We hope our advices could help you!

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