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Buy TikTok likes and followers without getting banned

Do you dream to being a popular blogger with an army of millions of fans, but you don’t know where to begin? Keep reading this article!

First of all immediately create an account on TikTok. This is a young platform that is rapidly gaining popularity. Every day 50 million people around the world log into TikTok accounts to watch videos!

But how to stand out from the crown? There are many digital marketing platforms to help in the promotion of new accounts. Even popular bloggers are used it! The whole point is the services really work cause people always trust accounts with a large number of followers.

How do TikTok algorithms work?

TikTok stands out among other social networks by a special algorithm, placed into the application by the developers. The system shows video that you posted to the first 100-200 users. In fact, they determine its future fate: if users like your video, the system will show the video to another 200 people.

You should know the algorithm pay attention on likes and comments, sharing and also the time of views. If TikTok users watch the video more than one time, the system determine it as interesting and promotes to the “For You Page”. It’s the main secret of promotion in TikTok.

As you can probably guess, the activity generated by the services: likes and views increase the rating of the video and bring it to the recommendations. Then the live users will come by itself.

After watching the video the users go directly on your page, where they find information about you and notice the number of followers and likes. This will be an indicator for them that it’s interesting to follow your TikTok account.

What’s the rules of cheating?

The most important rule is cheating should looks as natural as possible. Therefore you must not get more than 500 likes and 200 followers per day.

This precaution is absolutely necessary; otherwise, TikTok can block your account for suspicious activity. However, such cases are still extremely rare.

What’s the rules?

Let’s look at the basic mistakes to avoid them.

Abnormally fast growth

It is not necessary for a new account to attract the attention of the algorithm. Don’t order too many likes if you don’t want to lose them in a couple of days.

Buy only likes

Do the likes on the video exceed the number of views? It looks very suspicious! In order not to lose likes, it is best to order a set of services: views + likes + subscriptions, etc.

Don’t use one account for earning and promotion

Not many people know but cheat services allow you to earn real money. Not millions, of course, but they are quite enough to pay for a month of unlimited money on the phone or the promotion of your own account. However, for these purposes, it is better to create a different profile. After all, to earn money, you will have to perform a lot of actions, and too active accounts are often blocked.

Don’t use several cheat services at once

This will create high activity, which will be immediately noticeable to the algorithms. However, this will not bring you a leading position in the recommendations, but only block your account. Information 100%.

As you can see, the services can really help at first in promoting an account in TikTok. However do not abuse their services cause they create the illusion of popularity. To become a popular and recognizable blogger you should work hard. After all the success depends only on the author and his content 🙂

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